Plans for all levels

Why settle on one platform, or one way to reach the military when you can get your message or customer interactions out across a wide variety of mediums including military social media sites, email, text, base newspapers, websites, cellphones, webinars, and more, all managed by marketing specialists who have been in the military media and marketing space for decades.  We’ll choose the right combination based on your industry, offer and/or strategy of engagement, and then provide a reasonable expectation of results in writing, guaranteed, before you pay one dime, or choose one of the other packages offered.

Impression Program

Please allow us to choose the absolute best digital platforms for you.  We will customize combinations of social media, web/digital, e-mail, embedded story ads, geofencing, and retargeting.  Monthly analytics provided. 

  • 25,000: $435
  • 35,000: $595
  • 50,000: $850
  • 75,000: $1,195
  • 100,000: $1,500
  • 150,000: $2,095
  • 250,000: $3,250*
  • 500,000: $5,950*

* Large impression campaigns will likely require targeting to more than one or two bases.

Package #1


  • 10,000 email opens
  • 10,000 social media impressions
  • One recorded webinar, podcast or Social Story.
  • 50,000 geo-targeted campaign.

$995 per month

Package #2


  • 10,000 email opens
  • 20,000 social media impressions
  • One recorded webinar, podcast or press release.
  • 75,000 geo-targeted campaign.
  • Two hours consulting.
  • 300-word sponsored content w/retargeting.
  • 75,000 impression contest sponsor.

$2,950 per month


Package #3


  • 25,000 email opens
  • 40,000 social media impressions
  • Two recorded webinars, podcasts or Social Story.
  • 150,000 geo-targeted campaign.
  • Four hours consulting.
  • 700-word sponsored content w/retargeting.
  • 250,000 impression contest sponsors.
  • 75,000 impression event sponsor.

$5,550 per month

Event Package

  • 10×10 Booth Space.
  • Engagement program (program drives participants to you) plus pre-promotion via email to attendees, and follow up email after event with your contact.
  • 10,000 social media impressions of your choice.

$995 per event

Print + Package

  • Twice-monthly full color ad space in base newspapers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (Ranger & Airlifter) or Navy bases (Navy Dispatch) in greater San Diego area.
  • 10,000 Social Media Impressions.  
  • Base geo-targeting – 20,000 impressions. 

Large Square:  $840/month

¼ Page. $1,080/month

½ Page: $1,800/month

Full Page: $3,120/month

Sponsored Content

  • 500 word story with color photo in the base newspaper at Joint Base Lewis-McChord or Navy bases in greater San Diego area – on a ½ page, right hand page, top of fold spread (marked “Sponsored”).
  • Same story shared digitally to 100,000 combined impressions with click to your site plus retargeting of readers.

$1,750 per story

Custom Work

We are happy to discuss a custom package involving a number of solutions in other packages plus other services such as product sampling, presenting sponsorships, sales funnels, text, exclusivities, on-site events, seminars, and more.