We know a thing or two about small business.

Everything we offer in PR & marketing we have done for ourselves first. As a 70-year old print media company with under 10 employees, since 1995, we had to remake our company to compete in a digital world while maintaining the strength of our core newspaper business. We did it, and now we are ready to help you, too.

Business Transformation

Who you are, where you are going, and how to get there is first and foremost.

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Marketing & PR programs
  • Competitor analysis

Engagement Content

To attract new clients you have to be seen.

  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Video/YouTube
  • Webinars
  • Newsletters
  • Websites
  • Reputation management

Customer Generation

A seemless system to attract new customers, know where they came from, and a plan to retain them.

  • SEO/lead pages
  • Webinars/Events
  • Social Media
  • Email & Text programs
  • Press releases/media
  • Advertising/sponsored editorial
  • Pay-per-click/retargeting/geofencing